I’ve Got 2 More

Birthing our first daughter was not at all the natural experience my wife wanted. She had to be induced, which led to medications that really took the birthing process from natural to medical very, very quickly. Although she loved the miracle of birthing our first child, she regretted not experiencing it the way she wanted – naturally.

Birthing our second daughter was natural in almost every way. My wife was amazing and owned every moment. From laboring at home, the ride to the hospital, pushing through the various phases of labor, and then ultimately pushing our little girl out into the world. It brings me to tears just thinking about it all now – it truly is a miracle.

For anyone that doesn’t know, the pushing phase is not push once or twice and the baby is out (maybe it is for some, it hasn’t been for us either time). There is still a ways to go when you begin pushing. I am not really sure how much time it took. Time is not really a thing when you are experiencing child birth (even as an observer). I think it was between 30 and 60 minutes??

Anyway, my wife didn’t have any medication during the birthing process, which was her number one goal. You obviously feel things in a very real way without medication – it is hard for me to comprehend the pain of childbirth or even how a woman can deliver a baby – it’s crazy.

I hated to see her in pain. The pain of transition and then pushing. It’s absolutely the most helpless feeling in the world, especially for someone like me – a fixer. I would have taken it all if I could. I do steal from this experience all the time though. Anytime I have to do something that requires mental toughness I think back to this. Things like lifting, HIIT and parenting come to mind. When they get tough I tell myself “Don’t be weak, it’s not like birthing a child” – works every time.

She had been pushing for a little while now. After one of the contractions ended, she laid back and said, “I’ve got 2 more… That’s it!”. Of course everyone in the room agreed and assured her the baby would be out in 2 more contractions.

Reality was probably closer to 10 more contractions before the baby arrived. She had 2 more. She had whatever was needed to deliver our baby girl. Those moments have really stuck with me. I was so humbled and inspired by what she was able to endure to achieve her goal. She was willing to sacrifice, go through torture, and get past I don’t even know how many mental hurdles to ultimately deliver our baby. I was and still remain in awe!

I love that woman with all my heart and I couldn’t be more proud of her!

I’ve got 2 more!

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