About Me

I’m a simple guy. I was going to say I’m a normal guy, but as I wrote the next several paragraphs I realized there is very little about my life that is normal. I am simple though and prefer a simple existence.

I’m married with seven kids (yes, really 7 KIDS!). 7 isn’t normal and how we got to that number is even more abnormal. The short version of the story is I have two from a previous marriage, my wife adopted three (all with various special needs; 2 pretty significant) while she was single, and we are blessed with two of our own. 7 KIDS!

I’m fortunate to have a job that provides for our large family, allows my wife to build an amazing home for our family. I work from home most days. I do travel out of state about once a month, which we have learned how to navigate and make work. My company is a start-up. The best way to describe my job is a firefighter. I put out fires, try to focus on the now and the future at the same time. The job comes with significant stress for a variety of reasons, but the stress is worth it when I look at how it allows us to manage our lives.

I’m passionate about fitness. Over the years I have really been into working out and then not. The last couple years I have been very rigid with my workout schedule – rarely missing a scheduled workout day. My passion for fitness began when I realized how much better I felt mentally after I finished a workout – either weights or HIIT. My stress would melt away. It is the equivalent of hitting the reset button after each workout. My mind is fresh and I am re energized for the remainder of the day. Exercise helps me be a better husband and father at the end of each day – nothing is more valuable than that.

I knew all the rules but the rules did know know me. Guaranteed.

Eddie Vedder (Guaranteed)